Stream Ghouli’s Nothing EP

Judging by name and cover art, you would assume that Ghouli were funereal doom metal or something. They are not. Instead, the Richmond band make a fast, wound-up form of DIY hardcore punk, one that’s both nervous and fearsomely angry. Up until now, the band only had a demo to its name. But today, Ghouli have released Nothing, their debut EP. It’s a total ripper — six songs, all of them tough and driving and passionate. We put one of those songs in our first hardcore column, and now we can hear the full thing.

Iron Reagan/Haircut collaborator Bob Quirk recorded the EP, and it’s ideal hardcore production: Clean enough that you can hear everything and that the riffs hit hard, dirty enough that it still sounds raw and urgent. Frontwoman Poe — no last name given — has a great sandpaper growl. And the songs are just good. Stream the EP below.

The Nothing EP is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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