Happy Bullets – “A Proper Rifle Assembly”

Hooray for psychedelic pop! Happy Bullets are great. Upon first listening to them, it seemed like Coldplay might sound like this if they’d paid more attention to the Kinks, but I think that was just the piano and Britishness. But they’re not British- quite the opposite, in fact- they’re from Texas. Along with the Celebrity Pilots, they are part of the new wave of psychedelic pop music coming from states with baseball teams that did well this year. An arcance and obscure subgenre of indie rock, sure, but a good one nevertheless.

Happy Bullets – “A Proper Rifle Assembly” (MP3)


Happy Bullets – “If You Were Mine” (MP3)

They are on MySpace and their album, The Vice And Virtue Ministry (very Kinks of them, I think) is getting good reviews.