Stream Glean’s Demo 2020

Glean are a young hardcore band from San Diego with a big, chunky, melodic sound. In their seesawing dynamics and their bruised, passionate hooks, Glean recall the early-’90s moment when some of the architects of hardcore’s early days started branching out and striving for alt-rock acceptance: Bob Mould with Sugar, Walter Schreifels with Quicksand. You can definitely still mosh to their music, but it’s got a nicely contemplative edge to it, and they tend to sing in a full-throated bellow that’s more wail that scream.

Earlier this week, we included Glean’s “Garden,” the first song that the band had released, in the first edition of our new monthly hardcore column. Today, Glean have released their first demo, and all five of its songs show just as much potential as “Garden.” This band could really be something! Stream the demo below.

Demo 2020 is out now on New Morality Zine.

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