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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Tonight is music’s biggest night! It’s when 80% of Aerosmith will perform at a star-unstudded Grammys tribute concert in their honor! It’s always something with these guys! Should Boston’s feeble blooze-rockers let drummer Joey Kramer play with them? Probably. But, as much as I appreciate that his Rockin’ & Roastin’ Café has décor unlike any other coffeehouse, Kramer is a right-wing crank so I don’t have much sympathy. I do love this TMZ video, though. It’s the second saddest Aerosmith video I’ve ever seen.

Your best and worst comments of the week are below. I don’t like Aerosmith.


#10  gilligan
Score:38 | Jan 22nd

okay we get it

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#9  cokeparty
Score:39 | Jan 17th

We expect more of you guy who frequently talked about murdering his family members.

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#8  Saint Nothing
Score:39 | Jan 22nd

“Hey kids, fucking is fun!”

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#7  spoonman
Score:40 | Jan 23rd

Stereogum writers to Stereogum readers:

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#6  spoonman
Score:40 | Jan 17th

The most under-rated album by the most under-rated band.

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#5  blochead
Score:40 | Jan 17th

“And in this respect”

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#4  Analogbrat
Score:41 | Jan 22nd

It also bears noting that Tom’s write-up is a solid 10/10, one of his best in this column to date – thank you for all the hard work you do in the Number Ones!

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#3  mass hysteria
Score:44 | Jan 23rd

If you have read Lawrence Wright’s “Going Clear,” you know this is entirely possible.

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#2  Scott Lapatine
Score:46 | Jan 22nd

mediocre Weezer cover in 3… 2…

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#1  storkknees
Score:129 | Jan 17th

Nick Cave and The Bad Takes

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#5  blochead
Score:-24 | Jan 20th

Sure….but exactly how many versions of Creep do we need?

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#4  TelevisionMan
Score:-24 | Jan 17th

Should have realized complimenting a woman’s appearance is like nails on a chalkboard for the 24 year old virgins that frequent this comment section

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#3  baronesskessler
Score:-31 | Jan 22nd

Let’s go for the hat trick. Maybe people feel it is too easy to crap on a pop (call her rock if it makes you feel better) star and they want to seem “open minded” by having positive things to say about this song. Like I said, it exists. It isn’t even bad. When you use the same template almost everybody else does, you just have to be competent. That’s good enough for 10 people (and counting, I presume).

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#2  baronesskessler
Score:-37 | Jan 22nd

Fuck yeah! I was waiting for my comment to be hidden so that people wouldn’t be triggered by reading opinions they don’t like. Was it because I don’t like the song or because of the shot at Stereogum? Or both?

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#1  baronesskessler
Score:-39 | Jan 22nd

It…exists. So, a perfect Stereogum song.

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  kvlt of blake
Score:37 | Jan 22nd

Janet Weiss is about to quit Pearl Jam.

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