DAWN – “Die Without You” & “Buttah”

Last year, DAWN dropped a stellar experimental R&B record called New Breed that smashed nearly every genre barricade. She continued wowing with an island-influenced double-single, “Ay Papi” / “Slim Thicc,” back in November. DAWN is looking to maintain some of that heat in 2020 with another new double-single today.

The first track, “Die Without You,” relies on a modern, jiving trap beat throughout. Her vocal capabilities are on full display, running and zigging with breathless ease. However, “Buttah,” is the stronger track in my opinion. It’s a bit less structured and mechanic, fluctuating between full and bare bone production. That sense of freedom to improvise suits this kind of foray well — leaning into a jazzier space, sweetened with gritty guitar grooves and absolutely electric vocal runs.

DAWN’s statement on the new tunes: “This series of singles marks the start of a new era, new breed was the introduction to my roots. This era dives in each to each cultural influence specifically, highlighting all the pop influences I’ve experienced with cultural flare.”

Check out “Die Without You” and “Buttah” below, and — just in case you missed it — watch DAWN’s insanely good Stereogum Session performance from last year here.

“Die Without You” & “Buttah” are out now.