Here Are The Best Things Grimes Says During Her Vogue Makeup Tutorial

Here Are The Best Things Grimes Says During Her Vogue Makeup Tutorial

Grimes is now no-shit real-deal famous, especially now with Elon Musk and the pregnancy and everything. But it’s still pretty funny to imagine a regular viewer of Vogue makeup tutorials stumbling across a Grimes version and wondering who the fuck this lady is.

Grimes is getting ready to release the new album Miss Anthropocene, and by way of promotion, she recently did a 13-minute video for Vogue, explaining the the process of the “sort of a psychedelic makeup look that I do.” Even after years in the public eye, Grimes remains a great motormouth who constantly says interesting things. Some good quotes from this thing:

• “I don’t know if everyone has this, but when I got knocked up, my skin just turned super-red and constantly covered in stuff.”

• “I’m not working on music at the moment. Well, actually, that’s kind of a lie. But I don’t need to be virtuosic on a guitar at this point in time, so it’s sort of a brief window where I can have luxurious nails. Because it makes me feel happier, having… claws.”

• “I used to have a great unibrow. Like, fully a unibrow. I did kind of wreck it in high school because it doesn’t really come back anymore, which is sad to me. That was a mistake. Because I feel like unibrows are super-cool now. If I could have it back, I would.”

• “I usually don’t put stuff under my eyes because I like having bags under my eyes. I like looking kind of… scary?”

• “I really like the Kardashians’ makeup. Because I just like the look. It’s obviously some neanderthal thing where you just like the big eyes and the lips and the contour. But it doesn’t look good on me, so I can’t do it.”

• “I like the look of being pretty but, like, ravaged by war. Like a character, Eva, in Metal Gear 3 or something. I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m talking about.”

• “I’ll definitely let my kid wear makeup. I’ll definitely let my kid dye her hair… I was like 11 when I started secretly dyeing my hair. I have no idea what my natural hair color is.”

• “OK, this is getting less into beauty and more into some weird zone.”

Miss Anthropocene is out 2/21 on 4AD. Don’t doubt her vibe.

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