Blueface – “Obama” (Feat. DaBaby)

Let’s all imagine, for a moment, what would happen if Blueface put out a song called “DaBaby” that featured Barack Obama. That would be great! I would really enjoy that! Obama put DaBaby’s ignorant smash “Suge” on his list of his favorite songs of 2019. I would like to hear Obama discuss this decision, and I would like to hear him do it on a Blueface song.

Unfortunately, that’s not what we’ve got. Instead, we now get Blueface putting out a song called “Obama” that features DaBaby, a guy who arguably is appearing on too many rap songs these days. The song isn’t about Obama; it’s just a general flex with a vaguely presidential hook: “Pull up like Trump and they duck like Donald/ Presidential on me just like Obama.” Sure.

Blueface and DaBaby are both good-looking young rappers who had tremendous breakout hits last year, but other than that, they don’t exactly have a whole lot in common. On his most recent tracks, Blueface has actually been rapping on-beat, and he hasn’t been talking as much wild and ridiculous shit, which makes him both less interesting and less funny. He’s on that Lil Pump trajectory: As he sands down his rough edges, it becomes ever-more obvious that the rough edges were what made him compelling in the first place. As for DaBaby, he just put out a new song called “Shut Up” yesterday. He’s putting out a whole lot of music right now! Maybe he should take a vacation! Listen to “Obama” below.

“Obama” is out now on the streaming services. Blueface’s official debut album Find The Beat is apparently coming soon.

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