Napalm Death – “Logic Ravaged By Brute Force” & “White Kross” (Sonic Youth Cover)

There aren’t many bands more fun to think about than Napalm Death. A bunch of teenagers in the English hinterlands formed the group in the early ’80s, playing grimy and crusty death metal and essentially inventing the grindcore genre. Napalm Death’s out-and-out extremity won them fans in people like John Peel. In 1987, they recorded the famous one-second song “You Suffer” in 1987. But pretty soon, all those English teeagers were out of the band. And yet Napalm Death persists. It’s weird to think that all the people in the current version of the band have been on board for decades — since 1992 — but they’re all carrying on with an institution begun by bored children.

None of this is a dis, by the way. Napalm Death fucking rule. The current Napalm Death is not the same one that first altered the sound of heavy music, but they’ve achieved legend status in their own right, become a touring perennial and releasing some really cool, varied takes on that frantic original sound. Today, as Brooklyn Vegan points out, they’ve released a new 7″ single that includes their first new song in four years.

That song, “Logic Ravaged By Brute Force,” is some cool gothed-out crust-punk heaviness. It roils and heaves in truly satisfying ways. They’ve paired it with a cover of “White Kross,” a Sonic Youth song that originally appeared on the 1987 classic Sister. Napalm Death’s version puts some extra growl on “White Kross,” of course, but the spaced-out guitar shrieks ultimately aren’t that different; it’s a pretty faithful cover. Hear Napalm Death’s “Logic Ravaged By Brute Force” and their “White Kross” cover, as well as the original “White Kross,” below.

The new Napalm Death 7″ is out now on Century Media.