Anna Burch – “Party’s Over”

Anna Burch – “Party’s Over”

Anna Burch is following up her 2018 debut, Quit The Curse, with a new album, If You’re Dreaming, in a couple months. She shared “Not So Bad” from it a few weeks back and today she’s offering up “Party’s Over.”

It’s a languid and melodic song about slipping off into exhaustion, pulled along by a shimmer of guitars. “When the summer ends/ Baby’s got the bends/ Do we have to go?/ Could we just stay home?” Burch asks in its opening lines before launching into its central hook: “I’m so tired.”

The song comes with a fun video in which Burch wears a veil and her wedding party members run away from something in the depths of a lake. Here’s Burch on the self-directed clip:

It’s kind of strange but I already started envisioning the video as we were listening to the playback during recording. I was originally picturing a runaway bride scenario, but I pivoted to runaway groom with the 60s sci fi angle. The song’s lyrics are a bit voyeuristic and, with the 60s sounding 12 string guitar, that probably helped inspire the scenario. A lot of my close friends and family have gotten engaged or married in the last year so weddings have been on the surface of my psyche as well.

Watch and listen below.

If You’re Dreaming is out 4/3 via Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.

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