Clairo – “february 15, 2020 london, uk (demo)”

Last year, Clairo’s viral, internet-driven ascension culminated in the arrival of her full-length debut, Immunity. Already a buzzy name, Clairo has only become more in-demand — collaborating with the likes of Mura Masa, Charli XCX, and most recently with SASSY 009. Just last week at the NME Awards — the same ceremony at which Slowthai tried to get himself cancelled — she won the award for Best New Act In The World, and she met Taylor Swift. Clairo was already a star of some type, a new breed for a new era of music consumption. But if there were any doubts she was also on her way to just straight-up, big-time, traditional stardom, those should be gone now.

Today, Clairo released another new track into the world. It’s titled “february 15, 2020 london, uk (demo),” so evidently it is very new. Perhaps it was recorded in celebration of her NME win, or maybe it’s a fresh idea leading up to her California dates with Tame Impala next month. Beginning hazy and removed, eventually a beat and guitar kick in, adding a bit of insistence even as the whole thing remains a bleary, late-night type composition.

Lyrically, the song reflects on relationship struggles, one verse talking about being “drunk again … but you embrace it.” Later, Clairo sings: “Let you in/ I should be so helpless/ But you changed me/ Romantic again/ I’ve been jaded/ Learned to think with consequences.” Check it out below.

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