Watch A Fan Throw His Friend’s Ashes Onstage At Mr. Bungle Reunion Show

Watch A Fan Throw His Friend’s Ashes Onstage At Mr. Bungle Reunion Show

Last year, the Mike Patton-led Mr. Bungle announced they would be reuniting for their first shows in almost 20 years. Mr. Bungle is the kind of band that was weird and experimental and encouraged a cultish adoration in their fans. Chances are, you could expect some unique scenes at these shows.

At their Brooklyn show last week, one of those scenes occurred when a fan threw his recently deceased friend’s ashes onto stage during the set. As MetalSucks reports, a Mr. Bungle fan named Dakota Young had tickets to this reunion show with his friends, but recently died unexpectedly. His friends then decided to honor him by not only still going, but bringing Young’s remains with them as well. They packaged his ashes in a pair of his underwear, and threw them up, where eventually it exploded all over the stage.

People throw things onstage all the time, but one would have to imagine even Mike Patton has never received a fan’s ashes while performing. The only videos available don’t show how the band reacted, or if they fully grasped what had been thrown, but they do show that it happened during their cover of “Summer Breeze.” Watch video of the event below.

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