Best Week Ever: Philadelphia?

Phillies are hott this week. First, my coworkers go apeshit over Tony Lukes, then Gilmore Girls drops a Philly-in-the-NY Times shoutout, and now a rad tribute to the city’s music scene makes the blog rounds. Plain Parade asked local bands to cover tunes by musical Philebrities. The result:

Songs From The Sixth Borough
01 Dragon City “I Saw the Light” (orig. Todd Rundgren)
02 Sympathizers “White Picket Fences” (orig. Late Night Television)
03 Method and Result “Private Eyes” (orig. Hall And Oates)
04 Golden Ball “Voices” (orig. Espers)
05 The A-Sides “Expressway to Your Heart” (orig. Soul Survivors)
06 Cordalene “The River is Pale and the Water is Wide” (orig. Bitter, Bitter Weeks)
07 This Radiant Boy “Sliding” (orig. Franklin)
08 The Jane Anchor “CIA” (orig. The A’s)
09 Hail Social “New American Apathy” (orig. Mazarin)
10 Bitter, Bitter Weeks “Never Enough” (orig. She-Haw)
11 Lee, Jae-Won “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (orig. Robert Hazard)
12 Rifle Nice “Channel 6 Action News Theme”/”What Deaner Was Talking About” (orig. Ween)
13 Walker Lundee “Cowboys to Girls” (orig. The Intruders)
14 Evil Janet “Subtle Things” (orig. Cynthia G Mason)
15 National Eye “Snowing in April” (orig. Like Moving Insects)
16 Andrew Chalfen “Blue But Not Really” (orig. Joey Sweeney)
17 Rarebirds “Trampoline” (orig. Brother June)
18 Motherfucking Clash “Take Me Apart” (orig. Dead Milkmen)
19 Yah Mos Def “Motownphilly”(Orig. Boyz II Men)
20 Canine10 “Parents Just Don’t Understand” (orig. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)

The Method and Results’ take on our favorite blue-eyed soulmen deserves a home on your iPod. Hall and Oates were never this sexy. Though they tried, didn’t they:

The Method and Result – “Private Eyes” (MP3 Link Expired)

The whole SFTSB album will be available for download on Tuesday.