Tom Steyer Nabs Coveted TLC Endorsement

Things are not going tremendously well for the Tom Steyer campaign. The vaguely doofy former hedge fund manager may be the least objectionable of the three billionaires currently running for president, but he was not part of last night’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas; he hadn’t passed the polling threshold necessary to qualify. Instead, Steyer was reduced to tweeting commentary. But in at least one area, Steyer is the leading 2020 presidential contender: He is the only candidate that’s got TLC playing one of his fundraisers.

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, the two surviving members of the once-dominant ’90s R&B trio, are booked to perform at a Steyer rally in Las Vegas tomorrow. The Steyer campaign made the announcement yesterday: Steyer’s Battle Ready Rally, featuring a special TLC performance, goes down at 6:15 tomorrow at the Industrial Event Space in Las Vegas. Food and drink will be provided. This honestly does not sound like a bad night out. (TLC are also booked to perform among the headliners at the Lovers & Friends festival in Los Angeles this spring, and they haven’t tweeted anything about the lineup being fake.)

Maybe T-Boz and Chili are big Steyer supporters, or maybe this is just another gig to them. But it raises an interesting question: Is Tom Steyer a scrub? If you’ve got billions of dollars but you are definitely going to lose your campaign for president, does that fit the definition of scrubness? Only TLC can say for sure.

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