Momma – “Double Dare”

Momma – “Double Dare”

The two driving forces behind the Los Angeles band Momma, Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten, are going to college in New York and New Orleans, which means that, at least for right now, they reconvene in between semesters and communicate online to put together their twangy rock songs that have a fantastical edge. They released their debut album, Interloper, back in 2018, and later this year they’ll follow it up with Two Of Me.

The album is connected by something that the two call The Bug House, and the characters that populate their songs show up on the album’s lead single, “Double Dare.” In a statement, they say that the song “tells the story of two lovers who go to a county far, where they eventually run into trouble with some suburban teens,” continuing:

The boy engages in a fight, which ultimately leads to him being sent to an underground purgatory, known as the Bug House. We allude to these characters several times throughout the album, so if you look through the lyrics you may find some more connections.

The song’s music video, directed by Ambar Navarro, plays out this narrative amid shots of the band performing in various locales, including inside one of those crazy car vending machines. The song is chiming and nostalgically sweet. “Guys from out of town/ Sucker-punched me into the ground/ Double dare me to stick around,” Friedman and Weingarten sing, their voices swirling around each other.

Watch and listen below.

01 “Bug House”
02 “Biohazard”
03 “Derby”
04 “Stringers”
05 “Double Dare”
06 “Carny”
07 “Ready Runner”
08 “Not A Runner”
09 “Roach Head”
10 “Habitat”

Two Of Me is out 6/5 via Danger Collective Records.

CREDIT: Matthew James Wilson

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