Stream Power Alone’s Debut Album Rather Be Alone

There is something extremely cleansing and gratifying about hearing a bunch of people taking stock of the world around them and using all of their sincerity and conviction to say, “No. No. Fuck that.” Maybe that kind of all-directions anger won’t change anything in the world, but there’s still value in coming out and saying the shit that you have to say in the clearest terms possible. That’s what Power Alone do on their debut album Rather Be Alone, a brief and galvanizing hell-no of a record.

Power Alone are a righteous, groove-heavy hardcore band whose members live up and down the California coast. Frontwoman Eva Hall previously led the bands Rats In The Wall and Gather, and other members of the band played in Lockstep. Together, they make driven, riled-up straight-edge mosh music, and they’re really good at it.

Hall’s voice is a very serious scream, and she sounds absolutely committed and confident every time she bellows about corporate greed and cruelty. Over the band’s huge stomp-riffs, she sounds like an absolute champion. There is no subtlety to this music, but if you’ve looked around lately, you might’ve noticed that this is no time for nuance. I’ve been waiting for Power Alone’s full-length debut since I heard the towering manifesto “Where We Stand,” a song I wrote about in last month’s hardcore roundup. The full thing does not disappoint. Stream it below.

Rather Be Alone is out 2/28 on Indecision Records.

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