Taylor Swift – “The Man” Video

“If I was a man, then I’d be the man.” So goes the chorus of Taylor Swift’s latest Lover single “The Man.” In the video, the hypothetical comes true. Swift stars as a man who makes the most of his privilege: manspreading on the subway, being loud and obnoxious in public, throwing an ostentatious Wolf Of Wall Street-style self-celebration in the office.

You might not even notice it’s Swift behind the makeup if you didn’t already know it — it’s a real Teddy Perkins situation. “The Man” is also Swift’s directorial debut, which leads to a funny exchange at the end where she emerges from the director’s chair to instruct her star to be sexier and more likable in the next take. Dwayne Johnson voices Swift’s character. Jayden Bartels, Dominic Toliver, and Loren Gray also appear, and Swift’s dad makes his acting debut as “unimpressed umpire.” It’s a smart, funny treatment of what is essentially a sad song.

Watch below.

Lover is out now on Republic.