Porridge Radio – “Circling”

Porridge Radio have been steadily building up to their sophomore album Every Bad for almost a whole year. They released a series of singles across 2019, first “Give/Take” and “Don’t Ask Me Twice” in the spring, and then the stunning “Lilac” in December. Each single was a bit different than the last, and each one was excellent. The Brighton/London band were quickly proving that whatever they were about to return with was going to be exciting, prompting us to name them a Band To Watch upon the official announcement of Every Bad.

When they shared the official news of the album, Porridge Radio also released another single called “Sweet.” And today, they are back with a fifth track from Every Bad. This one is called “Circling,” and here’s what frontwoman Dana Margolin had to say about it:

A lot of the songs on Every Bad are centered around the sea, and “Circling” was one of the last songs focused on the water that I wrote for the album. I was thinking on the idea of willing things to be okay by repeating that they are, because I need them to be. I tried to follow the feeling of the flow of waves, and how they keep coming in endlessly, washing everything away without judgment, and then bringing it back again.

Once more, Porridge Radio’s latest single feels a little different than its predecessors while also giving us a clearer look at the cathartic, intense sound that seems to dominate Every Bad. “Circling” is a swirling, seasick composition, moving elliptically as Margolin sings “Everything is fine” over and over — that attempt to conjure the statement into a more concrete reality. “Circling” also comes with a video directed by Rachel Winton, Ben Cole, and Tash Lever, featuring the band on a double decker bus and Margolin emotively singing into the camera. Check it out below.

Every Bad is out 3/13 via Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.