Watch Boldy James Freestyle With Kenny Beats & The Alchemist

If you ever get a chance to hang out in a room with two or more rap producers, do that immediately. Do not hesitate. It’s amazing. They clown each other relentlessly, and then they get into arcane production talk that sounds like a secret language, and then they gossip shamelessly about the rappers they’re working with. It’s the best. It’s especially the best when one of the producers is the Alchemist, who is a funny dude.

The Alchemist, a long-tenured rap-production legend, just handled all of the beats on The Price Of Tea In China, the excellent new album from the Detroit rapper Boldy James. By way of promoting it, both Boldy and Alchemist just appeared on the latest edition of The Cave, the great YouTube series from producer Kenny Beats. This means we get a Boldy James freestyle, which is ridiculously solid and not actually freestyled at all. (This is not a complaint. Boldy James is a hell of a writer. Let the man write.) It also means we get a bunch of Kenny Beats and the Alchemist in a room together.

So: Alchemist lightly scolds Kenny for giving away so much game on YouTube. Kenny visibly stresses about trying to work while a master of the form is in the room: “Making beats with you watching is one of the least comfortable things I’ve ever done.” All three of them joke about attempting to work with scam-rap scamp Teejayx6. It’s a good time. Watch it below.

The self-released The Price Of Tea In China is out now.