Britney Hears Kevin Rap, “Needs Some Space”

K-Fed’s rap rocked the blogosphere (and blew up our server) last week. Even Newsweek’s noticed.

“Go ahead and say whatcha wanna/I’m gonna sell about two mil, fool, then I’m a goner … I know you all wish you was in my position/’Cause I keep gettin’ in situations that you wish you was in, cousin.” Mr. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, in “Y’All Ain’t Ready,” the first single off his debut hip-hop album. The track was released on the Internet to less-than-favorable opinion.

I think they mean YOU. Today MTV News says Kevin is undaunted as he heads back to the studio with producer Scott Storch.

A-Kutch’s Federline commercial parody was on SNL last weekend. We’ve transcribed (’cause who has time for buffering?)…

I look like I might stink yo.
But I don’t.
Come over here, check it.
Federline yo.
You jealous? I think so.
Federline yo.
I’m bustin’ out. Doin’ my own thing.
Don’t tell Britney yo.

Federline. Man panties for wiggers.

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Doesn’t anybody stay together anymore?