DaBaby Appears To Assault A Woman On The Way To The Stage, Fans Boo Him Out Of The Venue

DaBaby appears to have hit a woman in the face in video footage that was taken last night at the Whiskey North in Tampa, FL, where he was set to appear as part of an aftershow following his performance at the festival Wind Splash. The rapper was making his way on to the stage and it appears as though the woman was trying to film him. As TMZ reports, the crowd booed the rapper after he hit her and he left the venue without performing.

DaBaby went on Instagram Live shortly after the incident and asked for an alternate angle of the altercation. “I got $10,000 for whoever got a good angle of shawty hitting me in my eye with her phone,” he said, per Hot New Hip-Hop. “Who know shawty government name so my lawyer can get active?”

DaBaby followed up last night’s Instagram with another series of posts this morning with an apology: “I do sincerely apologize, I do. I’m very sorry that there was a female on the other end of that flashlight on their phone. But you know, keep in mind, I couldn’t see you because you got the flash this close to me…” he said, and later on: “I think by this time, you know it’s a well known fact that male or female, I would’ve responded the same exact way.”

In the last couple months, DaBaby has also been filmed assaulting a hotel worker and attacking an airport employee, though neither pressed charges. In January, he was arrested and charged with battery and robbery for attacking a concert promoter — the battery charge was recently dropped by prosecutors, but the robbery charge still stands.

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