Stream Zack Mexico’s New Album Sound Waves For The Relaxed And Dying

A few years ago, I saw the North Carolina band Zack Mexico open for Future Islands in Charlottesville, and they just destroyed. Zack Mexico are a six-piece who come from the beachfront towns of the Outer Banks, and they play a revved-up form of psychedelia that draws a whole lot from krautrock. Their six-piece lineup has three guitarists, and they bring the sort of theatricality that I’ve seen from very few relative-unknown bands. Future Islands don’t often have to worry about their openers blowing them off the stage; it’s just not the kind of thing that happens to them. Zack Mexico made Future Islands work.

Zack Mexico have been around for the better part of a decade, and they’ve put out a bunch of records. They’re the sort of band that’s best experienced live — obviously not a possibility right now — but there’s plenty of their grandeur on display in the band’s new album Sound Waves For The Relaxed And Dying, which quietly came out on Friday.

The new album only features five songs, but a lot of those songs are crazy long. (They’re calling it an album and not an EP, anyway). The music is big and ambitious, full of tingly interweaving guitars and staring-into-infinity drums, and the vocals have a bored sense of cool to them that reminds me of late-’90s indie rock. This is an album worth checking out, and you can check it out below.

Sound Waves For The Relaxed And Dying is out now on Warhen Records.

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