Pet Symmetry – “S​.​S. Decompressed”

The Chicago emo trio Pet Symmetry have a new song out today — their first since 2018’s Reflection EP — and it rips. Even better, all proceeds from “S​.​S. Decompressed” from now through 4/1 will be donated to the World Health Organization in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic. As you can see, the cover art incorporates ubiquitous handwashing meme as well.

Into It. Over It.’s Evan Thomas Weiss handles lead vocals on this one, launching directly into a gang chorus that seems directly inspired by our modern healthcare nightmare: “An insurance claim! Nah. No way. Get real. No way. What the fuck? Saving up our good will for a storm and a stroke of luck. Nah. No way. Get real. No way. What the fuck? A prized possession wrecked, when the marriage of our lightning struck.”

It sounds a lot more anthemic when Weiss sings it, backed by howls from bandmates Marcus Nuccio (drums) and Erik Czaja (guitar). Listen and purchase below.

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