Fiona Apple Teases Fetch The Bolt Cutters Release “Really Soon” Despite Advice To Wait Until October

Fiona Apple piqued our interest early this month by announcing that her first album in eight years is finished, and she really piqued our interest a week later by spilling extensive details about the album — which is titled Fetch The Bolt Cutters — in a New Yorker profile. In fact, the article was so detailed that pretty much the only remaining question is, when can I hear it?

According to Apple, the answer is “really soon.” A new tweet from her friend Zelda Hallman, who has been known to pass along messages for Apple, explains, “They are telling her she should release the album in October” — presumably for reasons related to business and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. No word on who “they” are, but it’s probably someone at Epic Records and not, say, DJ Khaled’s hypothetical they.

Apple has other ideas. In a seven-second video attached to the tweet, also posted at the semi-official Tumblr account Fiona Apple Rocks, the pre-pandemic social-distancing queen teases, “Should I release it? Like soon? Like really soon? I think I’m gonna.” Does this mean we’re getting the follow-up to The Idler Wheel… — which this website once dubbed the #1 album of 2012 — as early as this Friday? Or even sooner than that? We hope so.

UPDATE: Turns out “soon” means 4/17. Get hype!

Thanks to Eddie from tecoapple for the tip!

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