PUP’s Stefan Babcock Shares New Song Written In Quarantine, “Waiting For Something To Happen”

PUP leader Stefan Babcock has shared a new song that he wrote while in quarantine. It’s called “Waiting For Something To Happen.” He posted it earlier today alongside a video that shows him playing it on acoustic guitar and accompanied by PUP drummer Zack Mykula on a sampler pad and French horn player Rachel O’Connor.

“You barely feel like you’re alive, you think about it all the time,” he sings in the chorus. “I’ve been hiding out inside, staying positive, trying to keep my head…”

“Stef wrote this song last week and Zack played sampler pads on it,” the band said from their Twitter account. “This doesn’t sound like pup coz the 4 of us can’t be in the same room together but maybe you’ll like it anyway. Quarantine is boring as shit.”

PUP’s latest album, Morbid Stuff, came out last year. It was one of the Best Albums Of 2019.

Check it out below.