Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Run out of toilet paper? Desperately need a haircut? Well that’s unfortunate because time marches on and it’s time to read your best and worst comments and watch Trolls World Tour. Have a nice weekend?


#10  Y*B*B
Score:35 | Apr 3rd

I wonder how long I can ride this.

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#9  BixMeister
Score:40 | Apr 6th

Meanwhile on the Disco Chart

Loleatta Holloway – “Love Sensation”

“And time won’t take my love away”

In a song so rife with hooks, hooks that have been mined by dance artists over and over and over again, the above line is the purest and most meaningful to me. You can have your “Good Vibrations” and “Ride On Time” I’ll keep this purely blissful ascending, uplifting melody.

“Love Sensation” has been in my life on and off since it was released in 1980. Produced by Dan Hartman, you could see it as his thank you to Loleatta for her vocals on “Vertigo / Relight My Fire” and what a fine thank you it is. The hooks proved to be so infectious, they were a veritable sample cottage industry for Dance artists of the late 80s, early 90s. Samantha Fox, Black Box (X 2) and Marky Mark caught those “Good Vibrations” and turned them into pop hits.

I knew the source of the samples of course and would point it out whenever possible. However, on a cold night this winter, the beauty of that ascending melody hit me right smack dab in the feels. It’s hard to describe my life for the first six weeks of the year. I spent the first week at the hospital for at least 10 hours a day. I got to know the nursing staff well as they tried to heal and motivate GBear. It became obvious they were also trying to heal and motivate me at the same time.

Then the next 5 weeks I would drive to the nursing home GBear was rehabbing at, visit him for a few minutes, put in 8 hours of work, then visit again at night for a few hours. I’d then go home to an empty house, make dinner, listen to music and or watch TV and write. Draining would be the word that comes to mind, but music helped me cope.

One night when I was heading home, I had the Studio 54 channel on Sirius and “Love Sensation” came on. The hooks hooked me, as they should. However, it was that simple, gorgeous ascending melody that told me things would work out, GBear will be fine.

“And time won’t take my love away.”

The healing power of Disco.

Big thanks to the health care professionals who helped get GBear home where he belongs. I think about them every day while they work during a pandemic

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#8  mjhk75
Score:42 | Apr 3rd

My kids turned 10 this week. They didn’t get to have a birthday party, or even get birthday hugs from their friends and family. And yet somehow they’re handling this whole situation better than I am.

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#7  dansolo
Score:43 | Apr 3rd

First Billie matches his Grammy sweep, then he gets coronavirus, then Tom gives his career-defining hit a 6. Rough fucking year for Christopher Cross.

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#6  mt58
Score:46 | Apr 8th

I don’t mean to preach, or seem too high-minded,
But watching the world, I’m duly reminded:

We’re helping the cause, we’re helping to serve
As we all #WorkFromHome, to #FlattenTheCurve.

Be rest assured, as we muster persistence
This place helps to cope while we socially distance.

Miles apart, however affected,
Take heart that we’re all still so strongly connected.

With the help of some friends that I begged to employ,
We’ve cooked up a thing that we hope you’ll enjoy.

So here’s a new cover, my virtual locals,
(“Just great…you all think… “at least, lose the vocals…”)

Times may be hard, but our flag is unfurled.
So, good on you all..

all over…

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#5  generic orange soda
Score:47 | Apr 6th

Very disappointed in everyone who reported on this and didn’t make a GWARantine pun.

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#4  herberto
Score:59 | Apr 3rd

23rd day with Covid-19. 8th day without symptoms and no pills. Spent the first 15 days with low fever (mornings) to high fever (late afternoons and nights), and not much cough or other symptoms. Was finally diagnosed (tested positive) on the 9th day, and, since then, stayed isolated at home like I was already doing before. In the first week, while still undiagnosed, I had an X-ray which showed a bit of pneumonia on my right lung. After a couple of days (and some antibiotics) the new X-ray was better. My oxygen was always good. Decided to fight it out at home, since I had no shortness of breadth, getting a couple of calls a day from the doctors to check on me. Drank a lot of water, tried to eat well, and get some sleep – not always easy with the fever. It was a bit of a rough stretch. I’m 44 years old, kept thinking my chances were good, but fear and tiredness of the symptoms not ending weren’t easy to overcome.

Just writing this to share some hope and strength to everyone out there. Eventually, the vast majority of the infected will overcome this prickly little beast. Believe in the power of your bodies and your minds. I’m coming through the other side, and now just need to be tested again and get 2 negatives before I’m sure to be done with this thing.

In the meantime, I kept listening to some familiar voices. “Gigaton” is PJ’s first album I´m enjoying top-to-bottom this century (puts me in a Yield, meets Binaural, meets Into The Wild kind of mood, which is fine). Listening to the newest by Margaret Glaspy, which I think is very good and a bit misunderstood. Also been re-listening to Mark Kozelek’s “What’s Next To The Moon” which may be the best covers album of all time. And, finally, through the fever days, I had a 15 hrs childhood autobiographical playlist on, from deep eighties to early nineties, (that starts with Together In Electric Dreams and ends with Losing My Religion: the song that made me swap Top 40 music for indie music, once and for all). I guess these days did make me need to feel in touch with who I’ve been, who I am and who I want to be.

Anyways. Just to say, do take this virus seriously, no matter how young you are. Keep safe. Be careful with yourself and with others. And stay well.

Love to all,
(usual charming and infuriating bastards included)!

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#3  Bobby_Draper
Score:60 | Apr 6th

Posted by Stereogum Staff. Coward. Spreading your misery under cover of the staff tag. You suffered, now we all must.

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#2  Scott Lapatine
Score:63 | Apr 6th

Can’t risk it. Our workers comp doesn’t cover getting burnt by MGK.

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#1  LilGravyBoat
Score:66 | Apr 6th

I’m the resident Oasis defender at the record store I work at. This……isn’t going to do me any favors.

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#5  toxotoxotoxotoxo
Score:-17 | Apr 3rd

this is like combining a serial killer with cereal. one is a serial killer with no discernible point to their existence and the other is one of the best foods in the world with little to do with the actual serial killer.

I’m drunk and failing to say why I fucking hate the 1975 and why they ruined any Phoebe contributions. Because the 1975 fucking suck. And Phoebe is amazing.

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#3  Alfred Jingle
Score:-20 | Apr 8th

‘He also reportedly compared Europe’s quarantine lockdown to “a police state.”’
Stick your tracks where the sun don’t shine, idiot.

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#2  Y*B*B
Score:-21 | Apr 3rd

I don’t know, if you follow SCIENCE you get Make Yourself and that’s a pretty ridiculous record

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Score:2 | Apr 6th

massive oversight not booking trapt based on pandora numbers alone

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