Oh Boy, Post Malone Announces Nirvana Tribute Livestream

Oh Boy, Post Malone Announces Nirvana Tribute Livestream

We knew things were bad, but we didn’t know things were this bad. We didn’t know things were Post-Malone-Nirvana-tribute-livestream bad. But that’s how bad they are. The Post Malone Nirvana tribute livestream is happening.

Post Malone, one of the most popular musicians in America, made the announcement on YouTube today. The video is a mere 24-second clip of Posty sitting down with his trusty acoustic guitar while feedback rings out. Apparently, this will be happening on Friday at 6PM Eastern on Post Malone’s YouTube channel. At this point, we have no further news about it. (In the video, there’s a number to text for more information, but that just seems to get you on a Post Malone spam list.)

Post Malone is an avowed Nirvana fan who has covered “All Apologies” before and who has a tiny portrait of Kurt Cobain tattooed on his finger. He’s also made a habit of playing dorm-room-level acoustic covers of ’90s alt-rock standbys like Green Day and Oasis during his live shows. Plus, he played at the Grammys with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But an entire Nirvana tribute livestream is a whole new frontier for the man. We’ll have to wait out these next two days to see what it entails.

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