Beck’s “Hell Yes” Video: Where’s It At?

Sony’s QRIO robot can dance, react to people, and get up when it falls on its ass. Sony’s goal: a personal entertainer. Beck’s goal: the coolest music video ever. VH1 reports:

There are only four working QRIOs in the world. And all of them appear in the “Hell Yes” video … Director Garth Jennings says, “They have such an unbelievably fluid range of motions, so Beck and I just had to work out an elaborately choreographed number for them. I think it took the programmers in Japan about three weeks to program the routine into each robot.”

We haven’t been able to track it down, but it’s said to be already airing on MTVDeux. If you’ve got stream, send our way. Here’s footage of the dance moves you can expect.

In the meantime, hit up this MP3 blog for Boards Of Canada’s contribution to the forthcoming Guerlito remix LP.