Superorganism Board The Quarantine John Lennon Cover Train

Superorganism Board The Quarantine John Lennon Cover Train

As we get deeper into this quarantine, it seems like bands are navigating towards covering classic rock acts in this time of international uncertainty. John Lennon has, of course, been the source of a lot of this energy over the last couple months — he memorably had that terrible star-studded “Imagine” cover that Gal Godot coordinated, and he’s also been covered more respectably by Dirty Projectors, Margo Price, Lennon Stella, and quite a few others.

Superorganism, the sprawling internet-pop project whose debut album came out in 2018, are the latest to hop on board the quarantine Lennon cover train with their new cover of “Isolation.” The group got together virtually to record the cover for the French station Radio Nova. Their take on it is soothing and smooth, minus Windows sign-off sound effect they used toward the end that set off some deep-rooted Pavlovian shiver in me.

Check it out below.

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