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So many great features today: an interview with Hayley Williams; a book excerpt from Mark Lanegan; anniversaries on the National and Idlewild; a Premie Evie of Jason Isbell; and, finally, a review of Stars On 45. Stay inside and read them!

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how to pronounce X Æ A-12

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#10  EltonJoel
Score:50 | May 5th


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#9  Bobby_Draper
Score:51 | May 5th

I don’t know guys, this is a pretty fun naming convention. My kid’s name:

– Weather, the known variable
– Will Ferrell, my elven spelling of friendship (Buddy)
– Thunderquack = My favorite aircraft. No weapons, just a closable duck bill
– (M = Mambo #5, my favorite song)
– (aluminum possum)

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#8  conner5real
Score:51 | May 5th

nothing like ruining your kid’s life on day one just so you can score cool cred points and show people how edgy you are

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#7  dadadaism
Score:52 | May 6th

i’m sick of this shit, when will the billionaires finally catch a break?!

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#6  clang
Score:54 | May 5th

I don’t know if anything in history has ever been less worth it

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#5  cokeparty
Score:61 | May 6th

I love how Trump pretends to be a working man’s kinda guy, but when he gets around people actually working, he looks like a born again who wandered into a drag show.

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#4  blochead
Score:74 | May 6th

I can’t wait for this idiot to be gone. And to be clear by “gone” I mean just about anything that means I don’t have to look and listen to his stupid fucking nonsense every goddamn day.

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#3  18f
Score:75 | May 5th

Imagine having this level of deranged brain where you are playing with your phone and interacting with random Twitter users in the first moments of your child’s life.

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#2  Chris DeVille
Score:76 | May 5th

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#1  EltonJoel
Score:105 | May 5th

It’s sweet they named their kid after a Bob Iver song

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#5  Jerkface123
Score:-21 | May 7th

Anyone plan on making a Freddy Mercury anal sex joke?

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#4  dototto
Score:-21 | May 6th

imagine giving a shit about the rock and roll hall of fame

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#3  technical
Score:-22 | May 2nd

Pretentious is what I’d say in a word association game, based as much on their set at the Pitchfork music festival as this story.

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#2  timescreamer
Score:-27 | May 5th

i’m generally pro-musk, and i think the media treats him unfairly, but yeah – there’s no arguing this one.

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#1  Muad dib
Score:-65 | May 5th

The ironic thing about comments left here. In less than 24 hours no-one will care about the uneducated opinions left here. In fact, outside a handful of people each of you know what you do and say in meaningless and you will quickly be forgotten.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s will be remembered by people for his genius long past his lifetime.

Enjoy your brief and forgettable existence while it lasts.

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Score:30 | May 7th

I went to high school with these guys. Big memory (besides one of them cheating off me in English) is when they played a set of our graduation— popped on Kendrick’s “Backseat Freestyle” and cut out all the music in the intro so they could yell “MARTIN HAD A DREAM” themselves.

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