Watch Haim Debut “Don’t Wanna” From Their Own Separate Homes On Corden

Yesterday, Haim shared “Don’t Wanna,” another new single from their upcoming album Women In Music Pt. III. And last night, they went on The Late Late Show With James Corden to perform it live for the first time ever while quarantined separately in their own homes.

First, the Haim sisters sat down for a brief interview with Corden from their bedrooms. Este “kind of went a little Castaway” and showed off her Danielle and Alana exercise balls,” Danielle talked about spending a lot of quality time with her dog, and Alana lamented the fact that they can’t tour.

And then they launched into the performance of “Don’t Wanna Know.” As with their appearance on Colbert last month, Haim managed to credibly recreate their live chemistry from afar, and they also included a cool home laser light show at the end. Watch below.