Something About Zeppelins

The Washington Post has a decent piece on an apparent resurgence of classic rock among teenagers, backing it up with some actual numbers and speculating on the meaning of it all: is it because MTV doesn’t play it, thus rendering it anti-commercial? Is it because it’s genuinely excellent?

In the middle of all that, though, they find time to take a shot at Death Cab for Cutie:

“‘In their prime, Led Zeppelin was not considered a serious band by rock critics. The rock critics generally put them down as a passing fancy. It took time to realize that the music was of lasting value.’ In other words: Maybe the Atlantic act Death Cab for Cutie really is a neo-master. (But maybe, and probably not.)”

Editorializing aside, isn’t that the wrong analogy? It’s not like Led Zeppelin toiled in relative obscurity as critical darlings until they were signed to a major label.

On the other hand, the writer’s name is “J. Freedom du Lac“.

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