Stream Thou’s Surprise Nirvana Covers Album Blessings Of The Highest Order

Nirvana fucking ruled. Krist Novoselic might be out here defending Trump these days, but 30 years ago, he was in a good band. Louisiana sludge-metal warriors Thou have always known this. Over the years, Thou have released a whole lot of Nirvana covers. Sometimes, those covers have been relatively easy to find, as with the version of “Floyd The Barber” on the 2016 Bleach tribute album Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach. Oftentimes, those covers have been pretty hard to track down. Today, though, Thou have put them all together.

Today, Thou have released Blessings Of The Highest Order, a new digital collection of all the Nirvana covers that they’ve released over the years. The album showed up mysteriously on Spotify last night, with no advance warning and no social-media alert from the band. Today, it eventually showed up on Bandcamp. It rules.

Nirvana were plenty heavy, but they were never Thou-level heavy. Even the prettiest songs on the collection — “Something In The Way,” for instance — become grimy doom hymns in Thou’s hands. The already-heavy songs become wild, feral tantrums. Thou always let the melodies shine through, but they heap plenty of scuzz on top of those melodies, too. It’s cool to hear these familiar songs twisted into new forms. Stream the collection below.

Blessings Of The Highest Order is out now on Robotic Empire.

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