ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus Shares Support For Protesters: “The World Is Full Of Idiots”

Björn Ulvaeus has spoken out in support of the protests against systemic racism and police brutality that have happened worldwide in a video message that he sent to the international news agency Reuters.

“The world is full of idiots. The solidarity that we see in the streets of the cities around the world now should give us hope,” he said. He went on to condemn those that do not have “the imagination or will to put themselves in the place of a colored woman or man” and compared the current unrest to the #MeToo movement, which he said “are about seeing the person next to you as an equal.”

“I see my grandchildren growing up without an ounce of the poison of racism in them, and I think they’ll stay that way,” he said in the message.

There are rumors that ABBA is planning to release new music this year after reuniting in 2018.