Arca – “Mequetrefe”

Arca is releasing her new album, KiCk i, next week. She’s shared two tracks from it so far, “Nonbinary” and “Time,” and it’s already landed on our list of the 50 Best Albums Of 2020 So Far. We’ll have even more to say about it next week, but for now Arca is sharing a third single from it, “Mequetrefe.”

Named after a pejorative that she grew up hearing in Venezuela, Arca builds a song and a character around it that projects confidence and sass. “Y mira su pasito, que le da igualito,” she chirps in the chorus, translated to: “And look at her tiny steps, she don’t care.”

“The song ‘Mequetrefe’ invokes the tenderness behind expressing who you are without shame, and the confidence and bravery it requires, because expression of gender-nonconforming self-states in a public space can often result in static within your environment,” Arca said in a statement.

Listen to it below.

KiCk i is out 6/26 via XL Recordings.

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