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On this Juneeteenth Bandcamp is donating 100% of its share of profits to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and many labels are donating their shares too. Clipping., Tunde Adebimpe, Toro y Moi, and SAULT are among the artists with brand new releases you should check out, and you can also use to discover local Black artists on the platform.


#10  whodunit
Score:44 | Jun 12th

“It shouldn’t have taken George Floyd to die for them to realize that their name had a slave reference to it.”

This is how you nuke a five paragraph press release into oblivion in one sentence.

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#9  Rory
Score:45 | Jun 16th

Alexander Giannascoli sounds like a fashion designer/cocaine magnate that only pusha t knows about

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#8  Krillin
Score:45 | Jun 16th

Kid’s first word is gonna be “Yeeeuuugh”

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#7  spoonman
Score:45 | Jun 15th

#tbt to a decade spent over-analyzing and obsessing over an artist who – in retrospect – was absolutely not worthy of all the ink spilled.

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#6  antigone
Score:45 | Jun 12th

This was one of those records that really changed my entire relationship with music. I discovered it while maybe in 10th grade, after being really into their big singles from that period – “Float On”, “Dashboard” etc.- , and wanted to check out what else they had done. I liked the title of this album, and put it on one night and was totally just sucked into what felt like an alternate universe for the next 3 hours, as I listened to it thrice over. From that point on I, for better or worse, became an “album guy”, developing an entirely new-to-me approach to music, for which I’m eternally grateful, and which has been kept up for the better part of two decades.

I know a lot of folks ride for “Lonesome…” as their high water mark, and its hard to argue with that, but for me this will always be THE Modest Mouse album.

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#5  doogie_browser
Score:46 | Jun 14th

this whole thing should be really funny but the way people weaponize twitter makes it not funny at all. twitter is the fucking worst.

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#3  crania
Score:52 | Jun 12th

It’s as if they’re engaging in provocation for provocation’s sake. I wish there was some internet slang that described such activity, but the proper term eludes me.

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#2  LosingMyEdge
Score:59 | Jun 17th

Sincere, non-trollish question/statement: I don’t understand what he is talking about. I dont feel like the name makes light of drive-by shootings and I never even thought of the “drive-by” in the name as referencing drive-by shootings; I didnt think they were talking about semi drivers who are doing drive-by shootings. It was just sort of a non-sensical jumble of words to me.
I am 100% open to the idea that I am oblivious, missing the point, or too privileged/white to understand the issue.

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#1  storkknees
Score:94 | Jun 16th

Change it to Alex Gantebellum

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#5  gucci_mango
Score:-15 | Jun 17th

♫ poop, cum, and peeeee now ♫

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#4  instant_classic
Score:-18 | Jun 17th

I would listen to this, but I can’t fucking stand Bob Dylan’s voice.

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#3  PapaLegba
Score:-22 | Jun 18th

“Lyrics first artist” is a great euphemism for, all her songs sound the same. All rappers are also “lyrics first artists”.

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#2  PapaLegba
Score:-26 | Jun 18th

Love Tweedy, but libs going to lib. His take that the modern music industry is built on back of black art is correct, but he should add at the expense of white art.

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#1  apricot
Score:-34 | Jun 15th

My list of the greatest rappers of all time:

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