Ness Nite – “Unusual”

Ness Nite’s 2018 full-length Dream Girl was one of those quietly confident collections that spoke volumes. Highlights like “Flex On Me” and “Tightrope” blurred together influences from rap, R&B, and beyond without making a big show of their eclecticism. It was music that drew you in through sheer force of personality rather than getting up in your face; once Nite had your attention, they didn’t easily let go of it.

Today the Minneapolis-based singer and producer shares “Unusual,” the first single from an upcoming project called Killing Chiron. It’s a dreamy track with brisk forward momentum, one that makes stylish use of vocal effects and a subtly banging bassline. “No teeth to bite but baby all you do is bark,” they sing. “So what you got to say?”

Listen below.

Killing Chiron will be out eventually on P.O.W. Recordings.

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