Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

You guys are amazing — we are 93% towards our crowdfunding goal! We don’t have to leave the Goon Docks. Everyone here at Stereogum is really touched by your generosity and desire for t-shirts that riff on band logos. I promise we will make the most of the financial reprieve. That said, Indiegogo will let us raise beyond our initial goal, so share with a friend if you haven’t yet! And if you’re still on the fence, maybe hold off ’til later this month when we announce new merch options along with a handful of additional artists for the comp.

Have a great holiday weekend whether you have something fun to do outside or are stuck inside your apartment per usual like me. This week’s best and worst comments from the only comments section we acknowledge are below.


#10  sandro
Score:65 | Jun 29th

I will never complain about ads again.

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#9  Scott Lapatine
Score:68 | Jun 28th

Posted in: Tennessee Concert Attracts Packed Crowd With No Masks Or Social Distancing
#8  raptor jesus
Score:71 | Jun 29th

OK so which one of you flagged my email and designated me this contribution ID? I refuse to believe this is a coincidence… #311TRUTHNOW

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#6  Decatur Or
Score:74 | Jun 29th

Major respect to every artist on the compilation.

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#5  Scott Lapatine
Score:82 | Jun 28th

Posted in: Tennessee Concert Attracts Packed Crowd With No Masks Or Social Distancing
#4  Decatur Or
Score:86 | Jun 26th

I can’t wait to get a Stereogum shirt.

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#3  superdonkeypiss
Score:88 | Jul 1st

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#2  frob bongzales the lound architect
Score:90 | Jun 29th

stereogum is one of the like three Good Websites left so they can have all my money

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#1  inthedeadofknight
Score:102 | Jul 1st

LOLZ at people saying she needs saved. She’s just as big of an egomanical lunatic as the other two.

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#5  PenguinOnTheTelly
Score:-18 | Jul 2nd

I’m guessing this is another song white people wont be allowed to sing. Betting there won’t be a Pat Boone cover version.

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#4  PapaLegba
Score:-19 | Jun 26th

Very brave of her to lie about what the census says. Like, it clearly states sex not gender, not sure what the problem is. The census is trying to find out how many people of different sexes exist in America, it’s not hard. You can still be a they/them person and answer male/female on a sex question for ffs.

Posted in: Taylor Swift Calls Out Census Form For Transgender Erasure
#3  hateration
Score:-22 | Jun 30th

all of RTJ is so fucking overrated.

Posted in: The 10 Best Run The Jewels Songs
#2  glor
Score:-26 | Jun 30th

It really pains me to see so many metal sites, even after the weeks of complete mayhem, madness and humiliation that have followed, still support that racist group of BLM. which has absolutely nothing to do with defending Black lives. But everything with installing looting, mayhem and murder. A lot of Black people don’t support it, and they are more than right. One more powerful voices than others:
BLM is simply dividing the country and laying ground for racial war, stirring tensions, and making it impossible for all of us to live together.

Otherwise, great selection, I’ve particularly enjoyed Xazraug and Paysage D’Hiver out of these, but I haven’t listened to all of them yet. Too busy rocking to I, Voidhanger’s crazy late June output (Creature, Thecodontion, Neptunian Maximalism, Fleshvessel…)

Societal misguiding aside, thanks for the great work!

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#1  AmericanFoosball
Score:-30 | Jun 28th


Posted in: Disguised Sacha Baron Cohen Crashes Far-Right Rally With “Inject Obama With The Wuhan Flu” Sing-Along


Score:10 | Jul 2nd

I deciphered it may be the Illuminati Hotties when they started chanting “Illuminati Hotties!” halfway through the album.

Posted in: Is This Mysterious Occult Classic Album Actually By Illuminati Hotties?

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