Bob Mould – “Forecast Of Rain”

Bob Mould – “Forecast Of Rain”

Here in New York City, it’s been raining a whole lot lately. So it works out that Bob Mould has chosen to release his new “Forecast Of Rain,” the second single from the former Hüsker Dü/Sugar frontman’s upcoming album Blue Hearts, today. Lead single “American Crisis” made our 5 Best Songs Of The Week list when it came out, and “Forecast Of Rain” is also quite good.

“As a child, my mother took me to Sunday Mass. I’ve written many songs around religion. In the 2000s, I went back to the Catholic Church for three years – but I did not find my place,” Mould wrote in a statement. “I recognize the importance of religion for those who believe: the worship, the rituals, the community; loving thy neighbor, following commandments, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. In short, be nice to people, help however you can, and don’t steal stuff.” He continued:

But right now, I’m having a hard time understanding how certain religious sectarians can support the behavior of those who occupy the People’s House. How can you endorse their disregard for truth? How can you tolerate the incessant vindictiveness? How can you stand by your man while people are teargassed to clear a path to the Lord’s House?

I’m not good at quoting scripture, but I can manage two words: Jesus wept.

Listen to it below.

Blue Hearts is out 9/25 on Merge.

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