Lou Williams Left The NBA Bubble To Visit A Strip Club With Jack Harlow

NBA players are currently confined to a coronavirus “bubble” in Orlando, FL in hopes that basketball games can pick back up soon after the season was stopped four months ago due to the pandemic. LA Clippers player Lou Williams was given an excused absence last week to attend a relative’s memorial service, but he’s now being investigated by NBA officials after rapper Jack Harlow shared a photograph of the two of them at the Magic City strip club in Atlanta.

Harlow — who we recently wrote about in our Status Ain’t Hood column — posted and then quickly deleted a photo of Williams and him on his Instagram story on Thursday, captioned: “A location U would never guess.” After facing some criticism, Harlow tweeted and then deleted: “That was an old pic of me and Lou. I was just reminiscing cuz I miss him.” Both of them are wearing masks in the photo, and Williams is wearing one that was only given out in the NBA bubble.

Per ESPN, Williams acknowledged that he was at Magic City, but said that he was only there to pick up food. “Ask any of my teammates what’s my favorite restaurant in Atlanta is,” Williams tweeted. “Ain’t nobody partying. Chill out lol #Maskon #inandout”

The NBA is now trying to determine how long Williams will have to be quarantined before he can participate in events in the bubble.