Elton John’s in the Ether? Again?

For those of you (Marathon Packs) who mentioned Gay Dad as proof of Great Britain’s very uneven taste in music, I’ve got your smoking gun. A really solidly premised silly article in the Guardian (on average, people own 89 albums, listing the essential 89, etc):

So here, if you really are going to have only 89 albums, are the 89 you should have. With such a tiny collection, you are in no position to be snooty about compilations, so there are plenty of those. You need to be firm with singers who never really go away, such as Elton John: if they are always in the ether, there’s no need to have them in the house. And you will have no truck with albums that appear more often on lists such as this than on anybody’s hi-fi. Let’s face it, Astral Weeks has had a good run.

Nice. Except that the list names Johnny Cash as one of the core studio albums. Except? Yeah: what if I told you they picked Johnny Cash’s American IV? Do they even know who he is? Or are they still passing around that cover of “Hurt”?

Ok, San Quentin doesn’t count, because it’s not a studio album. But then why not just put him in the “individual compilations” box instead of [pause for effect] Randy…Newman…?