Total Revenge – “The Fair”

Last year, the Los Angeles musician Ryan Pollie put out a new album under his own name. Today, he’s revealing a new side project called Total Revenge. The project’s debut album, which Pollie recorded himself on a four-track, is out next month, and he’s introducing it with lead single “The Fair.”

It’s sloppy and compressed but still highlights Pollie’s sweetly sentimental hooks, this time buried under layers of distortion. “Will you meet me at the fair? Cus you’ll know you’ll see me there,” he wails in the chorus. The track’s music video was, appropriately enough, shot at a Six Flags. Check it out below.

01 “The Lawn”
02 “Surgery”
03 “Cherry Red”
04 “Smog”
05 “Chalk”
06 “Upper Saddle River”
07 “The Fair”
08 “Birthday”
09 “Willow Tree”
10 “Jeep Cherokee”

Total Revenge is out 9/4 via Forged Artifacts. Pre-order it here.