Whatever Happened To Corey Haim?

LINDSAYISM: Nice sort of seeing you last night. I posted my manifesto. It’s not directed at you or Vegan or anything.
STEREOGUM: I only took ONE photo.
LINDSAYISM: Last night I had a dream I was babysitting you as a baby, and I prevented you from eating glass.
STEREOGUM: Thanks. I appreciate it. Did I look like this?

LINDSAYISM: You had black hair, but I think that’s ’cause my ex had black hair and he was Jewish so I assume all Jewish babies have black hair. We should do a day where all bloggers post their baby photos.
STEREOGUM: Anyway, I need your comedy mind. We’re trying to come up with some questions for Corey Haim for 100 Greatest Kid Stars. So far only one person submitted. And it’s in Portuguese.
LINDSAYISM: I don’t know anything about Corey Haim.
STEREOGUM: He fucked Nicole Eggert against a wall in a movie I paused a lot in ’92 (Fixed NSFW trip down straight-to-Cinemax lane). I could ask him about that.
LINDSAYISM: Ooh, we did that pause thing with a John Cusack movie. We were looking for boobs.
STEREOGUM: “Is it annoying when people go up to you and ask if you wear sunglasses at night?” He might get offended by that. I could use help.

The Thrills – “Whatever Happened To Corey Haim” (MP3)
BONUS (best tune on the album):
The Thrills – “Our Wasted Lives” (MP3)

Submit your amusing yet respectful questions for Corey here.

Any Thrills fans named Scott out there? I have a poster signed by the entire band made out to Scott (wasn’t even signed for me!) It’s yours if you think of the cleverest question Corey would conceivably answer. Post in the comments