Nickelback’s Cover Of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” Is Not As Good As Korn’s Cover Of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”

Last month, the country and Southern rock veteran Charlie Daniels died of a hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 83. Shortly after Daniels’ death, something weird happened. Korn, titans of the ’90s nü-metal explosion, started a Bandcamp account, got together with the Southern rapper Yelawolf, and released a cover of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” the mythic story-song that was a #3 hit for the Charlie Daniels band in 1979. And it was really good! Shockingly so! It appears that Nickelback watched all this go down and thought maybe they could pull off the same miracle. If that’s what happened, Nickelback were wrong.

Nickelback, titans of the ’00s post-grunge explosion that directly followed the ’90s nü-metal explosion, have been teasing something all week. Today, they unveiled that something, and it’s another cover of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” This is the first music that Nickelback have released since their 2017 album Feed The Machine, and it stands as conclusive proof that Korn are better than Nickelback.

For their version, Nickelback changed “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” so that it would be about a guitar battle, not a fiddle battle. And Nickelback didn’t do their own shredding. Instead, they brought in Dave Martone, a Canadian guitarist who has worked with people like Joe Satriani. Also, Chad Kroeger says “fuck” on it. If you would like to investigate for yourself, you can hear the Nickelback version of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” the Korn take on the same song, and the Charlie Daniels Band original below.