HÆLOS – “Hold On”

HÆLOS – “Hold On”

Last year, HÆLOS released their sophomore album Any Random Kindness. They’ve returned somewhat quickly by their standards, embarking on a series of linked singles this summer. First, in June, there was “Unknown Melody,” a song that subtly pushed their sound into a brighter, dancier horizon. “Perfectly Broken” followed last month, and it too marked a slight stylistic departure from the band’s past work, with Lotti Benardout singing a pretty sigh of a chorus. Today, they’re back with another one.

HÆLOS’s latest is called “Hold On.” “We were inspired to celebrate those around us who wave the flag urging people to hold on,” the band explained in a statement. “It could be friends, family, or public figures standing up for what you believe in. Just that appreciation to feel hope.”

While “Hold On” might be a reach towards optimism, it’s perhaps a bit more of a return to the shadowy textures you might typically expect from HÆLOS. But this is what they do well, so it should come as no surprise that “Hold On” gets at the bleary, intoxicating HÆLOS balance of enveloping synth layers and intertwined vocals. The song also comes with a video made by Elliot Gonzo featuring two dancers, shot in a lush black and white that’s very fitting for HÆLOS’ music. Check it out below.

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