New Rumble Strips Video – “Motorcycle”

God, the Arctic Monkeys are so over. Get ready for the next British hype band, the Rumble Strips.

Instead of a catchy MP3, they’ve got a catchy video, an 80s “thing”, and a real singer:

He stands there with his drab grey coat and scarf hanging off his sloping shoulders, his hair tussled at the back like he’s just got out of bed and his small guitar seemingly rescued from a charity shop. His huge eyes stare into the room with a permanent squint and he looks both angry and resigned. And yet when he opens his mouth it’s astounding. My immediate reaction was Specials era Terry Hall, but that’s probably the brass pushing that out. There was something else I can’t quite pin down (Billy Bragg maybe?) but the greatest revelation was this guy can actually sing! I don’t just mean he was in tune – his voice had a power that was not assisted by the amps, nor was it mere volume. There was a controlled strength and range that you so seldom see at gigs, his singing primal and raw yet quite quite beautiful.

And the rest of the band? “Very competent musicianship.” You can’t win ‘em all.

That said, this is a pretty cool video for a pretty cool song and if you don’t see it here, someone else is going to send you the link later this week, so you might as well click now. Ok, that sounded loads more enthusiastic in my head. Just watch it.

not shown: chunk

Update: Paul sent an email pointing us towards their mp3 cache.

(from Waxy)