Save Stereogum Album Is Out Now

Save Stereogum Album Is Out Now

Our all-new Save Stereogum ’00s covers comp is now available for download. For those who supported our Indiegogo campaign, thank you and check your email! (If you’re not seeing it, check your spam or promotions folder.) It’s 3 hours 21 minutes long and features 55 songs, including a previously unannounced bonus track from Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires.

If you’re having problems with the download, try clearing your cache or using a different Internet browser. If you’re still having problems, comment below or hit up and we’ll get you sorted.

If you ordered merch from our campaign, you will receive it in a few weeks. The exact date of next month’s Zoom Party for VIP and Backstage donors will be announced soon too. And keep an eye out for the Stereogum Digest which comes out weekly.

A big thanks to all the artists who contributed to Save Stereogum: An ’00s Covers Comp, Nate Jasensky for mastering the whole thing, and of course all our Indiegogo supporters!

Talk amongst yourself in the comments below.

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