The Right Brothers – “Bush Was Right”

Faithful reader Mike sent this in, claiming he couldn’t believe it was real. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but Think Progress swears it’s not a parody.

And… it’s not. There’s a campaign underway to get the video played on TRL. As for the song itself, it sounds like an alternate version of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” sung by a musical Jeff Gannon that occupies the same universe as the Anti-Smoosh. It’s not even the song’s pro-war stance that makes it ridiculous; it’s the lyrics themselves (the shout-along bridge goes, “Ted Kennedy – wrong! Cindy Sheehan – wrong! France – WRONG! Zell Miller – right!”). No one thinks Zell Miller is right.

The Right Brothers – “Bush Was Right” (MP3 sample)

I kinda hope the video makes it to MTV. Not because it will be good, but because I wonder how closely it will resemble the C.S. Lewis Jr. videos from the “Blow Up The Moon” sketch from Stereogum’s beloved Mr. Show. Remember kids, “don’t mess around… with God’s America.”