Grimes, Matty Healy, & FKA Twigs Teach You About Famous Paintings

Grimes is a visual artist too — her first fine art exhibition, which you may remember for the piece where she sold a percentage of her own soul, opened back in May. And now, thanks to the good folks at Google, she’s officially an art critic as well.

Today, Google Arts & Culture has released a second season of Art Zoom, a series in which big-deal musicians talk about big-deal paintings intended to showcase Google Art Camera’s digitization of famous works. The first season featured Maggie Rogers on Van Gogh, Jarvis Cocker on Monet, and Feist on Pieter Bruegel The Elder.

In the new installments, Grimes discusses Bruegel’s The Fall Of Rebel Angels — which she calls “such a nightmare” — the 1975 frontman Matty Healy dives into Mondrian, FKA Twigs examines Artemisia Gentileschi’s portrait of Mary Magdalene, reggaeton star J. Balvin explains Colombian artist Fernando Botero, Ellie Goulding highlights some of her favorite art, and Twice’s Chaeyoung talks Korean abstract painter Yoo Youngkuk. Watch below.