Watch Jeff Rosenstock Absolutely Kick Ass In His TV Debut On Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers usually doesn’t feature musical acts on his show, but every once in a while, he lets us know how much he loves the stuff. (Meyers’ Hold Steady fandom, for instance, is well-documented.) On last night’s show, Meyers had Jeff Rosenstock, the DIY pop-punk great, as his musical guest. At this point, we’ve all gotten used to seeing our faves on the late-night shows, and it’s hard to come up with a surprising booking. But Jeff Rosenstock is that. This motherfucker got on TV.

Rosenstock has been on a run lately — soundtracking the animated series Craig Of The Creek, dropping covers whenever necessary, releasing the ridiculously good extra-songs EP 2020 DUMP just two weeks ago. Most importantly, Rosenstock surprise-released his album No Dream back in May, and it rules hard. On Late Night, Rosenstock and his band ripped their way through “Scram!,” possibly the hardest-ripping song from No Dream. I’m guessing it’s the first time there’s been a mosh breakdown on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Rosenstock and his band played remotely, in a studio somewhere. All of them wore masks. They indulged in some light special-effects magic. And they just whomped ass. It can’t be easy to convey intensity and physicality in a quarantine late-night performance, but they did it. Watch it happen below.

No Dream is out now on Polyvinyl. Also, Rosenstock covered Scared Of Chaka’s “Crossing With Switchblades on our very own Save Stereogum: An ’00s Covers Comp.