Watch Bernie Sanders & Halsey Discuss Wealth Tax And The “Preposterous Concept” Of Billionaires

Watch Bernie Sanders & Halsey Discuss Wealth Tax And The “Preposterous Concept” Of Billionaires

Bernie Sanders is no stranger to talking with musicians. During his most recent presidential campaign, he sat down with Cardi B, and back in 2016 he was on regular speaking terms with Killer Mike. His latest conversation with a musician comes courtesy of Halsey. Today, the pop singer posted the first episode of what’s being described as a multi-part conversation about “some of the most important issues facing our nation and why they’ll be voting for Joe Biden this November.”

Their conversation took place on Wednesday 9/30. A lot has happened since then because this is 2020 and it never lets up, but this was the day after the first Presidential debate, and both Halsey and Sanders expressed disappointment with the proceedings. They mulled over that for a moment before moving on to the topic of the first episode: “Greed & The Wealth Tax.”

Haley talked about growing up in a “lower class family” and how having money now hasn’t changed her values. “Despite being in the 1%, I support the wealth tax because I believe that the people who oppose it are motivated by greed,” she said. “The amount of income that I have doesn’t even make a drop in the bucket compared to these billionaires, but I wake up every single day and I never want anything, I never need anything in this small bracket of wealth that I exist in.”

They go on to discuss the “preposterous concept” of billionaires and how wealth distribution could change under a new administration. Watch their talk below.

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